Supporting the afflicted and their families since 1998


Are you wondering, whether your father, mother, grandmother or grandfather will be comfortable with us? Will they be provided with not only medical care, but also a warm family atmosphere? Will they be treated in a way that befits humans, with respect, patience, understanding and kindness?

You sometimes feel that just the love you give them is not enough and their progressing memory loss and restricted self-reliance requires professional aid. Perhaps you lack the strength to provide your grandfather with day to day care, to carry him to the shower, feed him and not burst into tears whenever he forgets who you are. We are here to help you…

What should you know about us?

We specialize in providing care to people suffering from dementia


This is what distinguishes us among other traditional nursing homes for the elderly and ailing. We focus on specialization. This is why our doctors and entire staff are carefully selected to be able to deal with Alzheimer’s and other types of senility. A general practitioner who visits us once a week regularly examines the health of people under our care, while nurses, regardless of the time of day, help them get to the bathroom, wash, eat, comb their hair and get dressed.

We care for a family atmosphere

Zwei Seniorin mit Sozialarbeiter lösen PuzzleFamily values and respect for the elderly are of the utmost importance to all of the people working at our nursing homes. It is important to us, that seniors under our care find not only a cozy room and nutritious, home food, but also friends with whom they will be able to talk, stroll and pleasantly spend an afternoon.. We devote much time to the people under our care, filling their free time with attractive activities and festive celebrations of holidays.

rodzina_chorego_na_alzheimeraWe provide continued care over the elderly and ill. We do, however, understand the needs of families who do not wish to abandon personally taking care for their loved ones, but require time to take a breath and recharge. This is why we have prepared a special offer “Vacations with Alzheimer’s”. The nursing home located in Czchów near Kraków makes it possible for the senile to stay with their families. The former will be provided with specialist care, while the latter will be able to take advantage of the numerous attractions of this beautiful location.

Lack of barriers guaranteed

lazienkaIn a home or flat it is not always possible, due to financial or other reasons, to remove architectural barriers: to level thresholds, broaden the entrances, adapt the bathroom. Our facilities meet all of the requirements, as well as European Union standards regarding nursing homes.