The PFLEGEHEIM Nursing Home in Czchów

The facility is located about 65 km from Kraków in the picturesque town of Czchów. It is surrounded by vegetation, with many places to stroll, be active, organize grill parties and integration evenings. The home’s interior is reminiscent of a comfortable and elegant guesthouse. Seniors can expect cozy rooms, a spacious and bright salon with comfortable sofas and a TV, a restaurant hall, dining room and conference hall. Free time is organized by therapists and is abundant in entertainment, games and activities adjusted to the needs of the elderly.

Relaxation for the family and care for the senile

The home offers continued and temporary care over senile persons. The temporary offer, so called Vacations with Alzheimer’s, was created with families and people taking care of the elderly and ill in mind, who wish to regenerate their physical and mental strength, have a moment just to themselves and at the same time do not want to abandon care over their ill mother or father.


The area of our nursing home includes several tourist attractions:

  • The Tropsztyn Castle and Inka’s Tresure
  • Time for Czchów
  • The Keep – castle in Czchów
  • Air shows
  • 4×4 Off-road Car Picnic
  • Zakliczyn 2008 – movies
  • Regional Education Center in Stary Wiśnicz
  • Ciężkowice – the Fossilized City nature reservation
  • The Brodziński Stones in Lipnica
  • Ruins of the Leliwa Castle in Melsztyn by Zakliczyn
  • Castle in Melsztyn
  • Ruins of the Rożeniów Castle in Rożeniów
  • Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz
  • Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Visitation in Domosławice
  • The 16th century Church of Our Lord’s Transfiguration in Jurków
  • Church of St. Nicholas the Bishop in Tymowa

Vacations with Alzheimer’s

Don’t want to part with your loved ones? Not ready to hand over care over someone to an unqualified institution, but you sometimes feel, as though you lack the strength to go on? “Vacations with Alzheimer’s” is an offer for you!

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