The PFLEGEHEIM Nursing Home in Trzcianka

The facility is situated in the picturesque village of Trzcianka, Wilga commune, about 50 km from Warsaw. It is located in a new building which was commissioned in 2006 and built in accordance with European Union standards.

Adapted to the needs of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia

The building, as well as its surroundings are fully adapted to the needs of the elderly, people with difficulties in moving around or who can only move in wheelchairs. The corridors are wide and the walls feature appropriate support railings . Bathrooms are equipped with chairs and comfortable, wide shower bases, and a wheelchair ramp is built in front of the building.

The Home features around the clock care over the elderly and senile. It ensures comfortable and cozy rooms, five meals per day, medical and nursing care, as well as occupational therapy for the purpose of training memory and motor skills.

A charming location

A huge house built in the style of old noble manors is located in a quiet place, on vast green areas. Around the building itself we designed a large, charming garden – with cobblestone alleys and an abundance of trees and flowers.


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