A menu rich in vitamins

zdrowa_zywnoscMeals at the PFLEGEHEIM Homes are adjusted to the nutritional needs and health of the elderly. Primarily, we make a special effort to make the menu varied and provide all the essential nutritional components, and have the meals be served at the same time of day.

Secondly, we know that the metabolism of seniors is slower and their illnesses exclude the use of certain products. This is why at the PFLEGEHEIM Home we serve 5 meals per day and modify them taking into account other illnesses which co-exist with dementia.

Aid in meal consumption

karmienie_chorego_na_alzheimeraNurses provide our patients with aid in consuming meals. We do, however, make an effort to have seniors be self-reliant in terms of eating for as long as they are able. Even if it involves eating only with a spoon or just their fingers. While it is impossible to avoid the progressing limitation of self-reliance, we want our patients to maintain the memory of day to day activities for as long as possible.


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