Room standard

Bright and comfortable rooms


Seniors have at their disposal clean and cozy, 1, 2 and 3-person rooms. Each is equipped with a bathroom, beds with comfortable mattresses, a closet, cupboards and a table with chairs. We took the utmost care to make the rooms bright and evoke a positive mood. Warm wall colors, large windows, colorful curtains, flowers – they do not seem like much, but for us they have great meaning.

Dining room and meeting place

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe patients of our facilities also have at their disposal a spacious dining room with a large, family table and comfortable chairs. It is here that musical meetings take place during the evenings, while in the Christmas period we put up a huge, decorated Christmas tree. The walls are decorated with photos of the seniors and many decorative plants adorn the cupboards and window sills.

The buildings are adapted to the needs of the elderly who have problems with moving around. Bathrooms have no architectural barriers and additional support railings are installed on the corridor walls.


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